When plans go awry…


Last one from my stop by Nubble Light last weekend… I promise 🙂

I had originally been hoping to use tidepools along the shoreline to frame a reflection of the lighthouse, and although they were there as advertised, my plan didn’t quite work out. As I lowered my tripod all the way to the ground, I splayed the legs as far as I could. I lay on my belly to see through the viewfinder to frame a composition, but at that point I realized my plan wasn’t going work out. Sure enough, there would have been a nice reflection to include in the frame… if it weren’t for one problem… the water in the tidepools was frozen! No worries… I settled for using the tidepools as interesting foreground elements, and I went on to thoroughly enjoy the rest of my morning spent exploring this wonderful place.

16 thoughts on “When plans go awry…

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Karen… though disappointed about the lack of tidepool reflections… who could be unhappy about being in a place like this 🙂

    • David Patterson

      Thanks truels… I made the decision to just let the island and the lighthouse go to black as a silhouette. It seemed to make sense with the gorgeous blues.

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