Displaying your art…


…is something we all should do. I still have those old photograph albums with the sticky sheets that use some sort of goo to hold maybe two 4 x 6 photographs per page, or the hardcover albums with the plastic sleeves and clunky ring binders that want to nip your fingers every time you open or close them. Thankfully advances in technology mean that exhibiting your art no longer means risking the loss of a finger – whether you want to display your work online in a slideshow, on the wall in a high-quality print, or even in a self-published coffee table type book. I have used all of these formats, and it never gets old seeing something you are proud of on display. In fact, I’m expecting a couple of my favorite photographs back from the printer any day… can’t wait to see how they look!

Home-made or school-made, we encourage and eagerly anticipate Jack’s artistic new releases, and it’s always fun to ask him to share some insight about what he makes. His imagination can run wild, and the stories he tells can be priceless. Like most homes, our kitchen refrigerator has its fair share of kid art pinned to it, but we also have quite a few pieces framed and proudly on display throughout the house. Jack doesn’t seem to mind that we exhibit his creations so proudly, and as along as he keeps making, we’ll keep displaying! Ladies and gentlemen… I give you “Shark in the Caribbean” – the latest piece by renowned and soon-to-be-famous abstract painter, Jack Robert Patterson.

12 thoughts on “Displaying your art…

  1. Bob

    Congratulations Jack. We have another post abstract expressionist in the family. This painting is truly interesting, and it is terrific the way in which Dad gets it out there for all to see. Nice work, both of you. Grandma and I are very proud!

  2. Oh my goodness Jack’s painting is so cool and I love the way it looks all framed up against the color of the wall too. Lots of talent in your family David! ~Lili

  3. That is very cool, I grew up thinking that I had no creative tendencies at all but have found an outlet though photography later in life.
    I wish my parents had been this supportive πŸ™‚

    I wish you a sun & laughter filled weekend ahead

    • David Patterson

      Thank you. I too only came to photography later in life. I played sports growing up, almost exclusively and often at the expense of other creative endeavors. Have yourself a great weekend too πŸ™‚

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