Thinking about warmer days


Snow, rain, fog, ice… combined with milder than normal temperatures, that’s what the weird and wintry weather here in Maine has been like lately. For the unapologetic liker of warmer temperatures, the good news is that there are only two more days left until the average daily temperatures start to climb again, and even though we have a ways to go to reach springtime, that turning point in the winter season sure does bring a smile to my face. Speaking of springtime, these photographs are from a couple of years back – and a warmer time of year – when I spent a long weekend in June on Cape Cod.

My first three summers in the US were spent near Sandwich working as a camp counselor, so the Cape holds special memories for me. Some of my clearest memories are of warm summer evenings, sandy beaches that stretched forever, swimming in the clear waters of the lake, and shooting the breeze with good friends around a camp fire. As often happens when digging through the photo archives, I came across a few never-before processed files, and mainly as therapy for my winter blues, I decided to bring them to life and share.


11 thoughts on “Thinking about warmer days

    • David Patterson

      Jason… we get four, well actually three, distinct seasons. Winter is cold and a little too long for my liking, summer is usually 80 degrees and gorgeous, and the fall in New England is famously spectacular… spring is sometimes short and often gets confused with mud season.

  1. Love the minimalist look of these shots…even the one with the lifeguard chair…which, in it’s own way, has the most palpably lonely feeling of the group. Very nice.

  2. I love photographing food. Just last week, my brother (who was visiting from South Carolina) stopped dead in his tracks and said, “Why in the world are you taking pictures of your soup!?” It does sound ridiculous when I type it…but anyway, feed people good food and they won’t laugh at you as you take pictures of it. You never know when a photo of your homemade soup might need to be blogged about.

  3. Well, that comment completely went into the wrong post. My apologies! Now it sounds even more ridiculous that I’m talking about taking pictures of my soup.

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