Eagle Lake Bridge in Acadia


As I walked underneath the Eagle Lake bridge I noticed that the sun, which doesn’t get very high in the sky this time of year, was playing hide and seek amongst a stand of tall, lakeside trees. Wanting to capture the sunburst, I chose a small aperture (f20) to capture the effect, and I also found the shadows reaching into the tunnel to be quite interesting. A thin layer of lingering snow baked pretty solidly with a coating of hard and rutted ice on top made for some tentative walking as I guarded my camera gear and gingerly explored the area for compositions I liked.

Eagle Lake itself was just starting to freeze over for what will now likely be a couple of months, and as I stood on the shore listening to some amazingly deep and primal sounds made by the ice and water moving, my mind was already racing forward to springtime when everything around me would be coming back to life and greening up. As with many of the structures in Acadia, the bridge at Eagle Lake has always fascinated me. The architecture is spectacularly classic Acadia, and I always seem to get drawn to arranging elements in this scene in a symmetrical way. So much for the rule of thirds, eh?


6 thoughts on “Eagle Lake Bridge in Acadia

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. The bridges in Acadia are quite a sight. I have a little project in mind for them… maybe one day I will get around to it.

  1. Jeffrey Wineriter

    I really like the first picture of the bridge, the lightening and shadows are perfect. The architecture of the bridge is also amazing and wonderful!

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