Winterberries at Little Long Pond


This is another one of those locations in Acadia National Park that I hold near and dear to my heart, and it is a place I keep coming back to in different seasons. The first time I saw this view was in 1988 when Lori and I were on our honeymoon bicycling from inn to inn across Mount Desert Island. You might think that the coast road around here is pretty flat, but try riding from Bar Harbor to Northeast Harbor… methinks you will find out that it is relatively challenging, especially in the 80+ degree July weather we enjoyed. I recall coming hurtling down a pretty steep hill toward this spot, and after glancing to the right, immediately throwing on the brakes as we paused to take a break, rehydrate and soak in the beauty of Little Long Pond. Every time I pass along this stretch of road I can’t help but stop to check it out, and on this occasion I was treated to a familiar scene, a frozen lake and some bright red winterberries.


6 thoughts on “Winterberries at Little Long Pond

  1. Bob

    Thanks for reminding us that the winter is also a beautiful time of year. Jeanne loves those berries. We both love the serenity that is conveyed here. You will have to tell us exactly where that pond is.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Bob. This little pond is right off the right hand side of the road as you drive from Otter Cliffs around the coast toward Northeast Harbor. In the summer months everything greens up beautifully, and the surface of the pond nearest the shore is covered in water lillies… very pretty.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Robin. Red is one of those colors that we don’t see that often in nature, but when we do, it is very impressive.

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