Acadia’s winter shoreline


I had enjoyed a pretty nice sunrise on Boulder Beach below the always impressive Otter Cliffs but rather than heading home right away, I decided to make the most of my time here and enjoy my favorite national park some more. Despite being so low in the sky, the winter sun was actually warm-ish and comforting as I wandered along the stretch of Loop Road coastline in Acadia National Park between Otter Cliffs and Monument Cove.

Ice scattered all over the rocks made me rather cautious at times as I clambered around for pleasing compositions, but the distinct lack of snow from what has been a mild winter so far at least made my shoreline explorations navigable. I have been here in the past when deep snow blanketed much of the landscape, prompting you to be very careful so as not to fall into any of the deep and often dangerous cracks between granite slabs. Not first light and all the drama it helps unfold, but I thought this little series from my mini-hike was still worthy of sharing. Again… notice the distinct lack of company I had… a big reason why I like to spend time with my camera enjoying nature.


7 thoughts on “Acadia’s winter shoreline

    • David Patterson

      I love seeing Acadia in the different seasons, and when we eventually do get some snow I plan on spending some time there.

  1. So beautiful! It was fun to see the one taken from the road and the lack of snow for the season we’re in. We tried to go ice fishing on Eagle Lake Wed. but it was still not frozen enough for it. I enjoy seeing your pictures as much as I enjoy going there in person. ~Lili

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Lili. I actually ended up at Eagle Lake before scooting back to Ellsworth for an awesome breakfast at the Riverside Cafe. It was cool to see the lake frozen and even cooler to hear it move.

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