Waiting for sunrise in Acadia


Here’s another one from my cold morning spent in Acadia this past weekend. This was made at 6:54am before the sun had risen, though as you can see, the quickly developing light illuminating the classic round rocks was just starting to get nice. As I waited for the sun to make its scheduled appearance, a thin line of clouds hugged the horizon, and I’m not too sure if it helped or hindered the quality of light. Some of the best light (and color) occurs long before the sun actually rises, and also well after it has set, though most people either don’t get to where they need to be to experience this early enough, or they cut out as soon as the sun goes down.

You can’t quite see it in this photograph – or any of the ones I made on this morning – but there was some really cool sea smoke blowing offshore, and as I watched it I was reminded to consider paying a Mount Desert Island working harbor a visit this winter. Lobster boats chugging through sea smoke at dawn… I want to see (and photograph) that one day. The camera doesn’t record the temperature in the EXIF data that it captures, but if it did, a far from toasty -15 C would have been registered when this one as made. As always, the round rocks were the stars of the show, and the soft color palette in the wakening sky added a pretty backdrop to what is one of my favorite places.