Elements of the forest


From Sunday morning in the Bangor Forest… can’t resist this type of photograph, and the snow in the cool shadows on the ground contrasted wonderfully with the evergreens and warm sunlight to create a beautiful color palette.

6 thoughts on “Elements of the forest

    • David Patterson

      Janice… thanks. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I too love the feeling of calm that this type of image brings. Most of my favorite images of this type involve trees, flowers, and other earthy elements, so maybe there is something to your theory 🙂

  1. Rags

    I love this! I wonder how you did it!
    Found your blog on Freshly Pressed and am following.
    Here’s ours – primitivestate.net if you’re interested. I know we all have too much to read these days!!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. Moving the camera through the scene while the shutter is open for about half a second creates this type of photograph.

    • David Patterson

      Katie… thanks for stopping by and commenting. Something grabs me about this type of photograph, though I could understand of some people didn’t really get it.

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