Trip of a lifetime remembered


In the early spring of 2010, Sam and I had a chance to make the trip of a lifetime to California, and more specifically, Death Valley National Park and the incredibly scenic Highway 395 which runs from south to north at the foot of the majestic and snow-capped Eastern Sierra mountains.

We were fortunate to see Death Valley at a time when Mother Nature was doing her transitional thing, flooding the lower elevations of the park to create rare and spectacular conditions. We enjoyed the contrast of warm, desert temperatures and then the sub-freezing landscape in the shadow of the Eastern Sierra. From the Owens Valley we watched the sun rise and illuminate Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the contiguous United States, we heard coyotes yelping along the shores of Mono Lake, and we were genuinely awed as we gazed up from the salt pans at Badwater (242 feet below sea level) toward Telescope Peak towering 11,049 feet above.

Lots of great memories made, and here’s a little slideshow I put together when we got back. As you will notice, the soundtrack is definitely original.

8 thoughts on “Trip of a lifetime remembered

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Skip… it really was an incredible experience for both of us, and I was very pleased to be able to share it with Sam.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Sara… the soundtrack is a home-made special 🙂

      Have a great trip out west and I will look forward to reading about (and seeing awesome photographs of) your adventures!

    • David Patterson

      Kyle… thanks. I had originally included a U2 tune as the soundtrack but my conscience got the better of me. As you already know… this is a spectacular part of the country, and I was very lucky to have been able to visit and photograph it.

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