Our baby is growing up fast


When we first met Chester at the local shelter five months ago, his large ears, long legs, and huge kitten paws were a dead giveaway that he was going to be a big cat. Settled in very nicely now, he eats a lot, sleeps a lot, and plays… and then he does it all over again. His appetite and energy are both voracious, so it’s no wonder that our little baby has grown so quickly.

Gone are the oversized kitten features displayed in the photograph to the right from when he first came home. He was 3 months old when I made that photograph, and even though today he might physically look like a grown up cat, spend some time with him and it doesn’t take long to realize that he is still a baby.

He is an incredibly curious kitten, and we often find him exploring inside cabinets or drawers that he can find his way into. He is intrigued by the toilet, and it is hilarious to watch him try to pounce on shadows as the back door closes. He always wants to be in whatever room we are in, and he often sits at the window, eyes darting around as birds come and go. He loves being engaged with his kitty toys, and as he mauls them, it is obvious that there’s enough raw instinct left in him that if he were allowed outside, he would likely terrorize the local wildlife.

Maggie – who is twelve years old – is beginning to tolerate Chester’s rambunctious behavior, and it is very cute to see the rare occasion when she actually allows him to lie beside her and groom her. As with us, Chester just wants to be close to Maggie, even though he sometimes doesn’t know how to tone down the energy level. He is an incredibly affectionate kitten, and as he grows and mellows, I’m sure that the two of them will become fast friends.

So… at eight months of age he must be the equivalent of what… a four year old kid? Makes sense when you watch him around the fish tank. He alternates between just chilling and watching his little friends, to cocking his head and swatting one of those huge paws as they swim by. The fish appear just as interested in him as he is in them, and they genuinely seem curious about the big cuddly cat on the other side of the glass. Luckily I don’t think he will ever develop the smarts to open the lid and really say hello to them… but you never know. Look how big he is already… and he’s still only eight months old!

8 thoughts on “Our baby is growing up fast

  1. Jeanne

    David, Thank you for the pictures and comments about Chester. He is the perfect
    cat for Jack and I think the rest of the family. I have been practicing with the camera
    the four of you gave us for Christmas. It is still a bit of a mystery. We used two of
    movie tickets tonight, saw The Artist, very different. Love, Jeanne

    • David Patterson

      Jeanne… thanks. Chester is quite the cutie!

      Glad you are enjoying the new camera… can’t wait to see your photographs.

  2. Loved all the stories about Chester. His beautiful markings show up so well in the photo by the fish tank, which looks like it gives him hours of entertainment (when he’s not playing in the toilet or with his other toys apparently!). The video was sweet. I don’t recall any stories about Maggie — is she another cat? Our two cats are brothers which gives them an advantage as they love to play with each other, when they chase each other through the house they make enough noise to be mistaken for a herd of elephants. (Also, like your new WP theme.)

    • Robin… thanks. Chester is a very handsome young man. We got Maggie and Barney as brother and sister right around 1999 I think, but unfortunately we lost Barney two years ago. Maggie doesn’t quite have the energy Chester does, but the two of them seem to be co-existing just fine.

      I can’t help fiddling with WP themes… there are so many to choose from, and I really liked the layout and font style of this one. I have been looking at some of the premium themes too… maybe one day I will finally settle on a look for the blog.

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