As the night rolls in


Standing near the ocean as the night rolls in can be a somewhat unnerving experience, especially with the wind trying to knock you over and huge waves crashing in the not too far off distance. At the end of the day the warm light from the beacon was quite comforting, and as I made my way back toward the car I stopped one more time to soak in the scene… that’s when I saw the view in these two photographs. All afternoon I had been focusing on using the wide end of my 17-40mm lens to accentuate the lines of the spectacular rocks at Pemaquid, but in these two views I went the other direction and extended the focal length as far as I could. Dramatic clouds were hanging out over the ocean, and the last remnants of the sunset were adding a subtle pink hue to the horizon. These ended up being my favorite photographs from the afternoon I spent here, and hopefully they convey the serenity I experienced in person. Isn’t this a gorgeous structure?

2 thoughts on “As the night rolls in

    • David Patterson

      Lili… thanks again for the kind words. When I visit a place like this, my favorite photograph from the outing can usually be found within the first handful of frames I make. On this occasion however, these were the last of the day… the light (or lack thereof) at that time was pretty special.

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