On the beach in winter


There’s something special about being on the beach in the winter time. The light is different, the air is clearer, and then there’s the solitude. I was recently fortunate to be able to enjoy time spent in the late afternoon totally alone in one of my favorite places… Sand Beach in Acadia National Park. A lower than normal tide had uncovered a sheet of wet sand, and at the furthest end of the beach the shoreline was scattered with embedded rocks, each forcing the ocean-seeking rains from overnight to navigate their way toward the waves. The patterns and shapes being drawn in the sand were beautiful, especially when the intermittent sun would sidelight the scene with spectacular highlights and shadows. The deep blue skies overhead were often reflected on the wet sand, and the contrast created when the low, still-warm sun peeked out from behind the fast-moving clouds was soft and calming. I had a grand time walking the beach and putting the camera up to my eye every now and then, and here are a couple of photographs from my day.


4 thoughts on “On the beach in winter

  1. obrienspix

    Man David, everytime I try to decide on one of yours as a favorite…you top it…these are awesome…so freaking clear looking.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Jason… yesterday was a crisp and cool early winter day, and the air was certainly clear. I have a couple more form my time spent there, and will be posting them over the next couple of days.

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