Quick Pic


I haven’t been out with the camera in a while, but I’m excited to be heading back down to Acadia in the morning. I keep getting drawn to the round rocks at Boulder Beach below Otter Cliffs, so that’s likely where I will start the day. Sunrise is officially at 6:49am, and with a high tide listed at 4:58am there might be some good conditions. Our fall and early winter this year have been relatively mild, though the forecasted 31 degree temps at dawn will probably be a shock to the system! I have an idea in mind about using the ND filter for a long exposure… something about streaking clouds over Otter Cliffs with spectacular sunrise colors… we’ll see how it works out.

In the meantime, here’s a quick archive pic made from the shore at Boulder Beach when forest fires burning up north in Quebec had enveloped the area in a thick haze…


6 thoughts on “Quick Pic

  1. That is an incredible image. I just love that technique of slowing down the water…someday I’m headed to the shore with my tri-pod in hand to give it a try. Hope you got some more incredible shots there again! ~Lili

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Lili. Isn’t it interesting how keeping the shutter open long enough for movement to occur can impact a photograph? Unfortunately my plans fell apart this time and I didn’t get to the coast. Perhaps this weekend.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Jason… with this kind of photograph you don’t really know how the movement in the water is going to turn out before you press the shutter, so I was quite pleased to see how this one “developed”.

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