Panoramic views of Acadia


A few years back when I first started really digging photography, it didn’t take me long to feel somewhat constrained by the little box you looked through when composing a photograph. Especially in a place as beautiful as Acadia National Park, I couldn’t help but try to show what was beyond the confines of that rectangular viewfinder, and these are a couple of photographs which represent my attempts to create wider, panoramic images of what I was seeing. In each of these composites, I turned the camera vertically and made anywhere between 5 – 10 photographs, making sure to overlap each part of the scene slightly so as to allow for an easier task in stitching them together. Panoramic images like these are meant to be viewed large to show off the detail within, so these little blog-sized images probably don’t do them justice.

All three of the photographs in this series were made on the same date (9/24/02). The first is of Sand Beach and the Beehive as seen from high up on the Great Head Trail which climbs above what I think is one of the prettiest beaches in the world. Perched on this ledge, I can remember how peaceful it was as the sun came up behind me and over Great Head to light up the Beehive and Gorham Mountain beyond. The second photograph below is a more intimate and later-in-the-morning view of Sand Beach as seen from the far end of the cove. At low tide there are some pretty interesting rocks and boulders exposed, and in this scene I was attracted by the still relatively early morning light hitting the pink granite on the opposite shore of Newport Cove, and I especially liked the effect that having the shutter open for a longer time had on the advancing tide. I was also drawn to the vibrant reflections in the wet sand, and as you can see… I had the entire beach to myself.

Probably one of my favorite photographs ever, the panoramic composite below is of the round rocks in Monument Cove. This wasn’t made in especially favorable light, but rather it was made in the early afternoon – but with some awesome clouds. Setting just about all of my camera controls to manual, I can remember sweeping across the scene making probably 10 – 12 photographs, and when I got home and lined everything up in the computer I was quite pleased. Not necessarily one of my best photographs, but certainly one of my favorites. Originally captured on Fuji Velvia film, each of these approximately 30MB scanned and composited panoramic images were at one time thought of as being quite large in file size – makes me smile when I think about how large a single 5D Mark II tiff file rounds out at! Still drawn to these type of images, I have often wondered what it would take to get into using a dedicated panoramic camera… but then I would be back into the world of film… not necessarily a bad thing, but in many ways I do enjoy the conveniences of using a digital camera. Hmmm…

6 thoughts on “Panoramic views of Acadia

  1. townofsorrento

    I love them all. Especially the lighting from the Great Head trail. And I cannot even fathom how expensive it would be to practice photography using film again. We are certainly spoiled by the digital age. Also, I never even knew about panoramic only being available with film until you mentioned it. ~Lili

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Chad. My path down into Monument Cove is actually gone now. I used to scramble down through a little “canyon” – but that is closed off to protect the area from erosion. You can still get down in there, but you have to climb over the rocks on either side.

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