Sunday morning stroll


After our early season nor’easter last weekend which dropped a load of heavy wet snow, we were treated this weekend to clear blue skies and bright sunshine. With moderately mild temperatures enticing us outside, we decided to visit a place we haven’t been to in a while, the Bangor City Forest. Even at midday the sun was pretty low in the sky, and despite the evidence of ponds and puddles unsuccessfully trying to ice over, it definitely felt more like fall than winter. Although it is the first week in November already, there were still plenty of pockets where the leaves were brown but still on the trees, and the sunlight streaming through the forest was beautiful. Since we were on the quieter side of the forest away from the more popular Bogwalk, it was incredibly peaceful and it felt as though we could easily have been deep in the wilderness rather than just a few miles from the city.

We meandered along our own little loop which followed the Bobcat, Moose and Grouse Trails, and as we did so, we noticed the noises and smells of a forest which was still vibrant and alive, though definitely getting ready for slumber. Squirrels were busy harvesting for the winter, and many of the birds we would have expected to hear were now quiet. On a couple of occasions we heard voices from people who had obviously decided to stay on the gravel roads, but as we got lost deeper and deeper in our own little less-traveled world, Lori and I both remarked on how invigorating and refreshing it was to be in a place so beautiful… and right in our own backyard too!


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