A deer… spotted


As winter starts to close in around us in Maine and I wonder if I will ever get out with the camera again, I took the opportunity to wander back into the vault and comb through my stash of images from the two glorious weeks we spent in Bar Harbor this past summer. Every time I go back into the archives I usually come across at least a couple of photographs that I either missed the first time around, or I didn’t deem worthy of processing. I must have missed this one.

I can remember returning to the cottage in the late afternoon after having spent the day cruising on Blue Hill Bay. As we turned down onto the long lane leading to our destination, right there standing in the middle of the road was this gorgeous animal. Only there for a split second though, it quickly skipped off and into the safety of the lush, wooded landscape.

Hoping to maybe catch another glimpse, I drove slowly and carefully, all the while keeping an eye on the area where the deer had disappeared. Just as we reached the top of the cottage driveway, out of the corner of my eye I noticed something move. I parked the car and retrieved my camera. Moving as stealthily as I could, and not wanting to startle the animal, I maneuvered to a spot where I had a clear look. With the 70-200mm f4 lens fully extended I wasn’t really all that close, but when the deer popped it’s head up and looked right at me, I squeezed off just the one frame that you see above. Can’t wait to get back to Bass Harbor again next summer!


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