Menagerie update


We added lots of animals to the family recently, and I am happy to report that all seem to be doing quite well. As you can see from the photograph above, Chester, our rescue from the humane society, has settled in quite nicely. He truly is the sweetest and most affectionate cat anyone could ever ask for, yet at the same time he is hilarious to watch as he stalks his prey around the house and does all of his crazy little kitten things. He and Maggie (our 13 year old cat) are still sorting out their feelings for each other, but from Chester’s point of view it’s all good. Note also that Jack is already close to finishing the fifth book in the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series… quite the reader he is becoming. Chester has also taken to sleeping in our room at night, and more specifically on Lori’s pillow. He just loves to curl up and be close to us, though his habit of biting Lori’s hair has meant that she now sports a pretty stylish woolen hat to bed!

Jack’s aquarium – or should I say my time-sucking new hobby – has finally cycled, and I feel like I can at least perhaps take a break from the daily testing of the ph, the ammonia, the nitrates, the nitrites… holy batman, I swear you need a science degree just to keep fish alive! Anyhoo… Remus, our once Dalmation but now just Black Molly, is doing great, as is the lively school of Neon Tetras. If you look carefully, you might also notice a couple of young female Black Mollies who are directly descended from Sirius – the original Black Molly we got already pregnant¬†from the pet store – but who unfortunately didn’t make it. We are actually quite proud that we have managed to keep most of these fish alive, and we are especially proud of our two home grown babies… Narcissa and Bellatrix.


4 thoughts on “Menagerie update

    • David Patterson

      Jason… thanks. The tank is well worth the effort… we spend tons of time just chilling out watching our little friends.

  1. How hysterical that Lori wears a hat to bed to avoid the hair pulling (I can relate but I’m not quite as compassionate and encourage Oliver to sleep by my feet). Chester is one lucky kitty! It’s precious to see him curl up like that.

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