The Gorge Path, Acadia National Park


A further installment in my quest to find some fall foliage colors in Acadia National Park led me to the Gorge Path, a pretty unique trail that winds it’s way up a narrow river bed between Cadillac and Dorr mountains. I had visited this trail a couple of weeks back when the foliage was just starting to change color and there were some amazingly rich greens to be found, but this time the transition to fall colors was in full swing. There were large pockets of reds and yellows blazing all along the trail, and since it had rained fairly hard the previous day, I was quite excited to see how strongly the little waterfall about 20 minutes into the hike might be running.

No more than a mile from where the Loop Road becomes a one-way system going toward Sand Beach, there’s room for maybe 3 or 4 cars in a small pull-off providing access to the Gorge Path. A short steady climb quickly gets you deep into the forest, and before long you are criss crossing the rocky stream bed which splits the gorge between Dorr and Cadillac. I found lots of leaves already downed by the recent winds and rain, although when seeking out waterfalls to photograph, this isn’t such a bad thing since many of the leaves were either washed down into the water, or stranded along the rocky banks of the stream creating opportunities for including the striking colors.


8 thoughts on “The Gorge Path, Acadia National Park

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Lili… on a rainy/overcast day it pays to take a more intimate look at some of the beauty in the park, especially when the colors are changing.

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