Beech Cliffs in Acadia


Ever since visiting this scene in the summer when everything was lush and green, I have been thinking about returning to see how the fall foliage might look. On this particular occasion I wasn’t able to get here until mid-morning, and by that time the sun was already fairly high in the sky, with any chance of soft, warm light long gone. I still think that being here just as the sun rises might be pretty spectacular, with the rocks and foliage bathed in early light and the killer ocean views offering a nice backdrop.

The Beech Cliffs are over on the quieter side of Acadia, and you can climb up to this point from a trail that starts down below at Echo Lake. However… I’m not one for heights, and since my time was somewhat limited today, I decided to take the easy route and drive there. Passing through the picturesque village of Somesville while driving toward Southwest Harbor on Rt. 102, you will see a sign to make a right onto Pretty Marsh Road, and about a quarter of a mile further you will then make a quick left onto Beech Hill Road.

In early summer there is a gorgeous field of Lupine right on the side of the road before you reach a parking lot that holds maybe a dozen cars… well worth a stop. The Beech Cliff trail from the parking lot to the view in these photographs is only about a third of a mile, winding through beautiful, deep forest terrain before suddenly bursting out onto the high cliffs. On this day the views were remarkable, though I can’t help wondering what first light might bring… maybe worth another trip.


4 thoughts on “Beech Cliffs in Acadia

  1. So lovely! We really enjoy this trail too, but yes it is such a long way up to the fire tower, especially when you can capture such beauty early on in the trail. ~Lili

    • David Patterson

      I haven’t actually hiked toward the fire tower, but it is definitely on my list of things to do. I also have to explore around Western Mountain and that area. We are renting the same house in Bass Harbor next summer again for two weeks, so methinks I will get a chance to become much more familiar with this part of the island.

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