My quest for fall color continues…


Canon 5D MK II and 70-200 mm @ f4 and 163 mm, iso 100, 1/160th sec

Despite what it might look like by viewing my previous two posts, this year’s autumn colors around these parts have been somewhat muted. Instead of finding blazing reds, oranges and yellows, I have noticed that most of the leaves have either fallen already or they are a tired looking shade of brown. We had a gloriously warm – but not especially hot – summer this year, and though our fall temperatures have been quite mild so far, we have definitely had our fair share of wet weather. How this all plays into determining the extent of the leaf-peeping color show… well, to be honest I just don’t know.

The photograph above was made at Duck Brook in Acadia using a longer focal length than normal – that is at least for me. Usually I am cranking the 17-40 mm wide angle lens trying to get as much into the scene as possible, but on this day I reached out a little further, trying to isolate the colorful leaves against the running water in the background. When I arrived at Duck Brook it was later in the afternoon, and the sun had already swung around overhead so that shooting up at the impressive falls was almost impossible due to the incredibly bright highlights reflecting off the water.

This was my last stop of the day – I had visited Beech Mountain and the Gorge Path earlier – and rather than packing the camera away and heading home, I decided to pull out my longer 70-200 mm f4 lens and try for something different. I searched within the viewfinder for an interesting branch and composition, and then patiently waited for the breeze to die down so that the leaves would remain still and sharp. Shooting with an aperture of f4 meant that only that part of the scene on which I was directly focusing would be in focus, and I like how the energy of the brook in the background has been blurred, helping draw attention toward the rich colors of the fall leaves.


4 thoughts on “My quest for fall color continues…

  1. Love the new look David & this picture. Thanks so much for subscribing to mine. Very good looking theme for your pictures. I’m thinking of starting a new (photo blog) for just pictures as I try to learn how to use my camera better. I want to..under a different name, but kinda scared it might take away from my main blog. You know, there may be pictures that I would like to use on both…what do you think? Need help…lol

    • David Patterson

      Jason… thanks. I say go for it. WordPress makes it very easy to have a polished and professional looking site up and running in no time, and if it doesn’t work, then no harm, no foul.

  2. Hi David, I am a fan of yours. I love your pictures of New York and the stories you told to go along with those pictures…I’m not from NYC but I never knew about the railroad tracks on the west side. It was cool how that did something original and turned it into something special. Thank you for sharing. I would love to see your pictures of Ireland and Kerry and of course lighthouses too. My ancestors are from County Clare and Kerry Ireland and I collect lighthouses have been doing that since I was about 8 years old when my Grandma gave me my first camera and said get out of my hair…which I did. Thanks again and God Bless!!! Kat

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