A new look…


Ten years ago I dabbled in web design, and believe me, in those days there was quite a learning curve involved in putting together a site that was easily navigable, rich in content, and pretty to look at, and if you were able to achieve all three, it probably would have cost you either an arm and a leg, or at a minimum, hours and hours of work! And this isn’t even considering trying to incorporate any of the social aspects of a modern, interactive web site… concepts like commenting, subscribing, and widgets that today come free with any blogging platform. WordPress makes it so very easy to customize your blog to suit your own needs, and I still sometimes can’t believe how simple it is from a technical point of view to design and maintain your own site.

Every now and then I take a little wander through the theme showcase here on WordPress, and probably like many bloggers, I start to futz with a new look, or at least what I think is a better one than whatever my current theme is. It is soooo easy to “preview” any of the available themes before activating them, though rarely have I had the urge to push the button and radically change the look of my blog… that is, until now.

I have been a big fan of the “Twenty Eleven” theme for a while, but when I came across this new “Piano Black” theme that you are obviously now seeing, something immediately clicked with me, and without too much debate inside my head, I just went ahead and pulled the trigger to activate it. Over time, I might consider designing my own custom header image for this new theme, but in the meantime, I like how sleek, simple, and modern it looks as is. I also like how well photographs are displayed on the neutral background, I like the typeface, and … well, I just like everything about it! Hope you do too!

Just to prove how nice photographs look on the background of this new theme, and since I believe that pictures can indeed paint a thousand words (or more), here’s one of my favorites so far from 2011… the Bass Harbor Lighthouse from an early morning in July.


8 thoughts on “A new look…

    • David Patterson

      Peyton… thanks. Figured I would celebrate the launch of the new theme with one of my favorites from this past summer. Glad you liked it!

    • David Patterson

      Jason… thanks. I haven’t changed themes in a long time, but lately had been thinking of changing things up. I was looking at some of the premium themes, but when I saw this free one, I had no problem making the switch.

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