More colors from fall in Acadia


Fall foliage season comes and goes pretty fast around these parts, and when you factor in the potential for poor weather and the usual work commitments, chances are I might only have a couple of opportunities to try to make some photographs displaying the changing colors. With this in mind, on my recent trip down to Acadia I wanted to take advantage of the morning I had there, so I’m posting a sampling of the photographs I was able to make on the short walk from Jordan Pond down to the Cobblestone Bridge. As you can see, the colors were in full swing, and with the recent rains the stream was running pretty hard. T’was a good day 🙂


4 thoughts on “More colors from fall in Acadia

    • David Patterson

      It is purty, isn’t it? The summers are amazing and the fall is something else… but the winters are long, cold and dark… definitely not my cup of tea!

  1. I was just at Acadia camping and photographing for a long weekend, – crazy weather! Those fall colors are striking! I love your second image. It was taken at the Jordan pond stream, correct? I think I took an image very close to that spot. The color there was amazing! I always enjoy looking at your images.

    • David Patterson

      Sara… thanks. I’m glad you finally got to see Acadia, though you are a brave soul camping in Maine at this time of year 🙂

      These are indeed from along the Jordan Pond Stream… nice work by the way with your photograph from here posted on your blog!

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