Searching for fall foliage in Acadia?


If you want to discover examples of fall foliage colors in a pretty Acadia location, look no further than the path that runs alongside the Jordan Pond Stream. Starting out behind the Jordan Pond House restaurant, find the stepped trail entering the woods leading down to where the carriage road meets up with the stream (walk out of the public bathrooms in the rear, and you will be directly facing the trail). Cross the bridge and make a left turn to follow the stream downhill and you will be treated to not only the soothing sound of running water, but also the wide array of foliage colors typically associated with a classic New England fall season.

After about a quarter of a mile walking on the carriage path, you will come to a second bridge that crosses the stream again… do not actually cross this bridge, but instead look to step off the carriage road and stay to the right of the stream… there is a rough but discernible trail running all along the right side of the stream.

Within about a mile, you will reach the picturesque and famous Cobblestone Bridge, built in 1917 by John D. Rockerfeller. As you navigate the rustic trail and follow the many twists and turns of the stream as it eagerly cascades over big and small slabs of granite on it’s way toward the ocean, you will see every fall color imaginable, and even though you are never that far from civilization, you will certainly feel as though you are deep, deep within the forest.