A new friend


Just the other day we read a distressing article in the local newspaper which described how the Bangor Humane Society had become swamped with cats whose owners could no longer care for them. The shelter was desperately seeking help from the public in adopting and providing homes for the 250 cats they were now temporarily housing, and cat-lovers that we are, Lori and I didn’t need to talk long before we unhesitatingly decided that this would be a great opportunity for Jack to gain a better understanding of what it takes to care for a pet of his own, and at the same time, add another little bit of love to the family.

Driving to the Humane Society, we all agreed that if we had our choice of kitten, we would really like a tabby – just like our 13 year old Maggie – and that a boy would be a great fit. As we excitedly explored the crowded “cat room” where most of the cages were occupied, it felt good to see that a lot of the animals had already been spoken for, and most of them probably only had a couple more days before their new family would bring them home. So while we encountered plenty of cuddly and cute cats, we actually struggled to find many that were still available for adoption. But then we saw him… sitting upright in his cage with his head tilted to the side looking right at us, a gorgeous little male tabby named Chester who had not yet been adopted. We all looked at each other incredulously, and together wondered what the chances of finding exactly the type of cat we had talked about were… but there he was.

We asked the shelter staff if we could “visit” with Chester and they brought him to us so we could say hello and become acquainted. Instantly he started purring, instantly he was comfortable with us, and instantly we all fell in love. He’s this tiny little bundle of fur with ears too big for his head, huge feet that suggest he is going to grow into a large cat, and the longest tail that I have ever seen! We paid the adoption fee, his neutering surgery was scheduled for the next day, and we left the shelter eagerly anticipating when we could return to pick him up and bring him home.

Chester had been left on the side of the road as a kitten before someone found him and tried to care for him. They hadn’t been able to give him the care he needed, so that’s when he was brought to the shelter. When we carried him home, he was still a little sore from the surgery, and he also had a bit of a cold. We were given medicine to treat his cold, and since we wanted to have him fully recover from the surgery before he met Maggie, we set him up in the guest bedroom with everything he needed.

Fast forward… it has been a couple of days since Chester joined us from the shelter, and I am happy to report that he seems to be recovering nicely from his surgery, his cold is easing considerably, and he is eating and drinking well. He has already figured out his litter box, and the toys that Jack picked out for him to play with are a big hit. It almost seems as though Chester is overflowing with gratitude for having been rescued, and our new and affectionate little friend is a most welcome addition to our family.

Photographs of Chester shot at f2.0 using a 50mm f1.8 lens on a Canon 5D Mark II.


10 thoughts on “A new friend

  1. Awww, he is adorable. Some things are just meant to be, what a great story! That second shot is so vivid, it looks as if I could reach out and pet him. ~Lili

  2. Chester is absolutely beautiful. For a kitten, he has a lot of serious looks! I can’t wait to watch him grow into those big ears and long legs. It’s wonderful that you adopted. We got two kittens from our local humane shelter in New Hampshire; and I adopted my dog, Grace, too (she was a street dog from Puerto Rico). Definitely nice to be able to offer a home to special animals.

    • David Patterson

      Isn’t he gorgeous? He has such a calm temperament too… very mellow and loving. We feel pretty lucky to have him in the family.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. We are enjoying the little fellah a lot, and as he gets more comfortable in the house he is becoming more and more curious. Not sure why, but he seems to be quite interested in the fish tank 😉

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