Last of the summer…


Sam just got back from spending eight weeks working as a camp counselor on Cape Cod, and before he could even think about getting settled in back home, this was his last weekend before heading back to college. So, where better to spend some quality family time together than on our favorite Acadia hike… the south ridge of Cadillac Mountain of course! As parents, we know that getting a summer job and being away from home for long periods of time is all part of the growing up process, but we still really missed having him around this summer… and guess who missed him the most?

Here are a few pics, and as a bonus I switched to video mode to try and capture the fast-moving fog/clouds that engulfed us as we made our way back from the Featherbed toward where we parked the car at the Blue Hill Overlook near the summit of Cadillac. What a cool mix of conditions… sunny and gorgeous one minute, and thick fog rolling in from the ocean the next… classic Acadia hiking, and another afternoon well-spent.

Even though the temperatures were quite moderate, if you watch the video you will see how fast the clouds were racing by, hear how much the wind was howling, and hopefully you will also be able to catch my little photographer buddy firing up his camera as he squatted beside me ready to “take a picture” with his camera 🙂


2 thoughts on “Last of the summer…

  1. I’ve been enjoying your posts all summer, and wanted to pop in to tell you hi! We drove up to Cadillac last Sunday just to watch all those magnificient fog banks that were floating across the Porcupine Islands below. ~Lili

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