The little Aquarist visits the big Aquarium


Boston is a city we feel very comfortable in. We like the size of the city and the variety of activities available for anyone interested in exploring. The history and tradition of the place is second to none on the eastern seaboard, and as transplanted New-Englanders, we feel right at home with the food and lifestyle. On this particular occasion we stayed right beside Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, and just a five minute walk from the New England Aquarium where our newly anointed little Aquarist was quite keen to see the fishies.

A week after starting his own aquarium at home, Jack had a chance to see an incredible array of fish and other water loving species at the New England Aquarium. We had taken a road trip to drop Sam back off at Camp Burgess on the Cape where he had another week left of his summer job as a camp counselor, and on the way back up north, we stopped off for the night in Boston. The New England Aquarium was hosting a pretty cool Shark and Ray Touch Tank exhibit that allowed an up close and personal look (and feel) of some amazing creatures. Jack dove right in, eager to touch the rays and some of the twenty sharks housed in the fast-moving tank. He was quite intrigued by this exhibit and was having so much fun that we had to remind him there were a few more things that he might be interested in seeing!

The Giant Ocean Tank within the New England Aquarium is huge, 200,000 gallons huge! It spans 3 stories and the spiral walkway that surrounds it offers incredible views of the enclosed (simulated) coral reef and all sorts of cool creatures – including humans as you can see! Several times per day these guys feed the fish, clean the tank, and perform generally maintenance. As we wandered from floor to floor exploring the Giant Ocean Tank we saw a whole slew of penguins, a gigantic and scary looking green moray eel, several beautiful and impressive sharks, a couple of rather large sea turtles, and countless varieties of colorful fish… big and small. We rounded out our brief visit spending some time enjoying the jellyfish exhibit – such graceful creatures, they can be quite mesmerizing!


4 thoughts on “The little Aquarist visits the big Aquarium

  1. That’s awesome…back when I owned that fish store…my wife (at the time) & I went to a different city each year on our anniversary to see some of these big public aquariums…it was alot of fun & really cool. We saw the one in Chattanooga, Tn 1st & it was really new back then…think it had only been opened like 5 months. It has a tank like you are talking about here…3 stories & you have walkways down around it so you can see the fish that stay at different levels of the water. We also went to the one in Chicago & then New Orleans. You may have really pulled him in now….LOL…be careful, at one point I had 31 tanks in my house!

        • David Patterson

          Crazy… now you must really like those little fishies! We added two Mollies to the mix and almost immediately we had babies… two of them have survived and are getting bigger every day. Little did we know what we were in for when we started this tank! Having fun though… we can sit for ages just watching our little friends swim.

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