Our Little Aquarist


Jack can be pretty determined when he gets an idea in his head, and I have to admit I am quite proud of how the little man can stick with an activity. Most kids his age flit from one thing to another without really having the ability to focus and show the determination to succeed, but not this kid. Whether it was ice-skating lessons, boogie boarding in the ocean, or even collecting those money-sucking Pokemon cards, he has shown a real stick-to-it-iveness that has to be admired. Starting somewhere in the middle of the summer, he began expressing an interest in the fishkeeping business, but we decided to hold off to see if he was going to be as determined with this endeavor as he has been with others – after all, caring for animals is a serious undertaking, and a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Surprise, surprise… the kid didn’t let go, and he is now a curious and proud little aquarist with a genuine interest in learning about his fish and what it takes to help them thrive. He was given the task of researching what goes into caring for fish, and what types of fish would be best for our aquarium, so when we paid the local Petco a visit he was locked and loaded with questions for the staff there. The initial disappointment of not being able to bring any fish home until we had established a stable aquarium environment was soon forgotten when, after a crash course in water-chemistry-for-fishes and patiently waiting for the conditions to be right, we brought a school of 6 lively little Neon Tetras home to a newly furnished underwater Jack-designed seascape. Fingers crossed everyone seems to be doing OK… so far 🙂


3 thoughts on “Our Little Aquarist

  1. That’s great….great & rewarding hobby for him to get into. I owned a pet store back in the early 90’s that was just fish & reptiles. Got out of it for a while..played with it some back about 3 years ago. Things change alot when you quit for years….filtration, chemicals & all that. Dig back into my blog a little ways & you will find a couple posts of my tank. I just recently set it back up at our new house on the lake & have 4 African Cichlids! Tell him, to stick with it & he will have alot of fun!

    • David Patterson

      Jason… thanks. This fishkeeping business is a little bit more complicated than we first thought, but we are certainly enjoying it. Will definitely check out your blog posts on your tank – thanks.

  2. A group of 30-40 Neon tetras would look better, this is my personal experience 🙂 . I purchased 42 Tetras over the last two weeks and they look terrific! They swim in groups and are very playful.

    Yesterday I put a new driftwood into the tank – it floats at the top as it isn’t yet heavy enough, the fish love swimming underneath.

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