Who doesn’t love the state fair?


When Sam was Jack’s age we would always look forward to the first week of August, because that’s when the Bangor State Fair comes to town. As Sam moved into his teenager years though, his desire to be seen in such a populated place with his parents seemed to seriously wane… what’s up with that? Last year we were lucky enough to have both of the boys with us to enjoy the fair, but this summer with Sam still working on the Cape, it was just Jack and us.

Anyway, now it’s Jack’s turn, and luckily he still has no worries being seen with two old fogies as we sample the food, whoop it up on the rides, and throw our money away on the silly water gun races and dart games. He’s 7 years old now… I wonder how many years we have left before he decides that visiting the fair (with his parents) isn’t a cool scene? In the meantime, we intend to enjoy every minute of every visit, and tonight was no exception. The food, the rides, and the games were fun, but no visit to the state fair would be complete without a stop to see the livestock. Definitely Lori’s favorite part of the fair, but both Jack and I also enjoyed the beautiful, smelly and friendly animals on show.

First things first though… after shockingly being de-throned as water gun champion last year (faulty equipment I say), I regained my rightful place as winner and provider of cheap, soft toys whose plastic beady eyes will probably fall off within the week. With a steady hand and a keen eye, I pointed the gun, squeezed the trigger, and rang the winner’s bell… all for a neon-green toy alligator… yay! In addition to the alligator, Jack came away with a Red Sox flag and a very proudly self-won stuffed lobster toy!

The food was good as always, though this year we stumbled on “Sylvesters” food truck where we had what Lori described as “better than good” fried shrimp, and what I described as some of the best state fair french fries I have ever had. Jack and Lori devoured the crispy and tasty shrimp, and the almost shoestring sized fries that I scoffed down were cooked to perfection. We washed all that fried food down with some sweet iced tea and a big, fat and fried doughboy sprinkled liberally with powdered sugar… oops, there goes my end of the summer/start of fall diet!

I don’t know, but the state fair somehow seemed bigger this year. It certainly seemed more crowded than in years past, though it was just as much fun as in previous years. While the lines for the big kid psycho rides seemed to stretch forever, we enjoyed the easier-to-get-on and less likely to give you a heart attack bumper cars, giant slide, haunted house, spinning cars, and revolving boat… all good fun. As the sun began to set and the lights came on everything intensified… the colors got brighter, the smells got stronger, and the music boomed louder… what a great way to spend a late-summer Friday night! We packed a lot into the time we spent at the fair this year, and when it came time to leave only one thing remained… a big bag of cotton candy for the ride home 🙂