Surf’s Up!


After watching some kids riding the Nauset Beach waves, all Jack could talk about was getting a boogie board of his own so he could try to do the same. Knowing how focused he can be, we took him to one of the local shops where he picked out a pretty spiffy and electric green board, and what do you know… the kid is a natural!

It was our last day together and we wanted to take a run out to the end of the Cape to show Sam what Provincetown was all about, and along the way we planned on stopping at one of the classic Cape Cod Atlantic beaches so Jack could do his boogie board thing. We made the short drive along the coast to Nauset Light Beach, and with some high clouds filtering what was going to be another sweltering day, we spent an awesome couple of hours watching the kid having a ball. Even on what was a warm day, he spent so much time in the water that he ended up shivering with cold. We couldn’t get him to stay out of the water long enough to get warmed up, but it was an absolute joy to see him having so much fun with his new board.


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