Saying hello to an old friend


This summer, Sam has been working as a counselor at Camp Burgess, a YMCA camp on Cape Cod. Since we hadn’t seen him for about 5 weeks, we figured it was time to pay him a visit so that Jack could get some big brother time. Sam has time off during every two-week camp session, so we coordinated schedules and made reservations at The Inn on the Beach in Harwich Port for a couple of nights. As you can see from the photograph above, we were right on the beach, and our brief stay in what was an awesome location was pretty cool. We loved being able to walk right out of the room and onto the beach… very quaint and truly relaxing.

Sam was happy to be “off campus” for a few days, and we maximized our time together by both relaxing on sandy beaches and exploring a little bit of the Cape so he could get a taste of what it was really like. One of the places we visited was Nauset Light Beach, a beautiful sandy beach on the Atlantic Ocean where we were able to seriously chill, and where Jack was introduced to boogie boarding… I’ll share pics from that adventure in the next post. It was really good to see the big brother again and looking so well, and even better to catch up and hear his stories from camp.


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