Getting skunked in Acadia…


OK… this wasn’t exactly a bad day in Acadia, but the cloudless skies overhead were certainly not what I had hoped for. The image above was made at 4:55 a.m. along the Loop Road in Acadia National Park. When conditions for landscape photography don’t come together as planned… that’s getting skunked in Acadia.

Early morning light is always nice, but clouds in the right place can add drama to a landscape, and on this particular morning the only clouds to be found were hanging on the eastern horizon resulting in a somewhat muted sunrise. For this reason, I tried to get as close to the ocean as possible so I could include an interesting foreground element and perhaps minimize the amount of sky to be included.

Once the sun had come up, I turned around to see what kind of light would hit the famous Otter Cliffs area, and although nice, it wasn’t quite the same as when first light crests the horizon… still not a bad view though, eh?