How to beat the heat


Just ask the Dallas Mavericks… ba-boom!

Seriously, the weather lately has been absolutely stifling, and although here in Maine we aren’t dealing with the ridiculously high temperatures that seem to be spread all across the rest of the country, it is still hot… especially since air conditioning is somewhat of an after-thought in these parts.

We decided to head north to Baxter State Park and the home of Katahdin, the tallest mountain in Maine, to see if we could beat the heat. The number of vehicles allowed to enter the park is limited, but we were lucky enough to snag one of the last 3-hour “Moose” permits, and before long we were in the shadow of Katahdin exploring the bogwalks along the edge of Sandy Stream Pond.

The temperatures were definitely more civilized than back home, and a picnic lunch with a cool lake breeze made for the perfect afternoon relaxing on “the big rock” on the western end of the pond. I was doing my photographer thing facing the wrong direction when Jack got all excited and hurried over to tell me that a moose had just wandered out of the woods and was standing on the edge of the pond behind me. Judging by how hot she looked, and by the huge number of flies chomping on her, she was obviously there for the same reason we were!

More of this beauty tomorrow…

4 thoughts on “How to beat the heat

    • David Patterson

      Beautiful any time of year, this place is especially gorgeous in the fall when the leaves change color and get ready to fall. Winter is very remote, but also pretty spectacular.

      • I’m sure it is…I grew & lived in Memphis most of my life, but just recently moved to Mississippi…it’s Hot, Hot, Hot in both places. I would love to live up north…hate the heat. But just can’t move with kids & my parents still here!

        • David Patterson

          Even this far north the heat is brutal right now… we don’t have a lot of air conditioning around here, and the heat really slows things down. I lived in western North Carolina for 5 years, so I got a taste of the intense summer heat you must be dealing with… glad to be further north these days 😉

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