When it all comes together II…


So… I wasn’t expecting the conditions to be particularly special on this morning, but as the light slowly climbed from the east up and over my shoulder toward the lighthouse, I started to wonder if I might actually be in for a show? There were some soft, wispy clouds behind the lighthouse, and as the day began to brighten, my jaw literally dropped as I marveled at how the high clouds were being illuminated with a phenomenal pinkish hue.

Knowing that the light probably wouldn’t last long, and with a big grin on my face, I worked quickly to try to combine all of the elements within the frame into something I liked. I couldn’t have ordered better weather conditions, and the impressive lighthouse that welcomes returning mariners to Bass Harbor certainly did its part.ย Below is a photograph that I am particularly pleased with… and well worth the feast I provided for the many mosquitoes!


13 thoughts on “When it all comes together II…

  1. The second shot, the one with the waves … what a “keeper” that shot is! You should be thrilled with that …. maybe even enough so to forgive the mosquitoes their feasting! Well done!!

    • David Patterson

      Peyton… thanks. I have shot this scene many, many times, but never before have the conditions come together like they did this time. Every time I leave here with a nice but not spectacular shot I always tell myself that it is OK… I’ll just have to come back again, and this is what I kept coming back again for! And to think I nearly rolled over and went back to sleep ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Dude, very nice work! Dang, makes me wanna move to the Maine coast; then again, I reckon I’ll settle for uncapping a Corona and admire your work. Most excellent my friend! I second the option that it should be on your (or anyones) wall!

  3. Jeanne and Bob

    Dave, the replies that you have already received reflect the very high quality of your photos in ways that I cannot express, but can understand once they have been written. Unbelievable!!!

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