When it all comes together I…


Sunrise was scheduled for 4:56 a.m., and since we were staying literally half a mile from this location, I didn’t have to set the alarm clock for too early like I normally would. In fact – as usually happens – I stirred before the alarm even went off, and as also usually happens, I lay there contemplating whether or not to roll over and go back to sleep. The weather forecast had called for crystal clear skies at sunrise, and even though I knew the scene would probably still be impressive, I have been here many times in similar conditions and wasn’t sure if it would be worth my while to follow through with the plan… I’m glad I did!

When I first arrived, the rising tide was still low enough to reveal a small ledge that offers a cool tidepool reflection of the lighthouse. Scampering over some jagged rocks and always aware of what the rising tide was doing behind me, I quickly set up my gear in a spot where I could take advantage of the unique view. Based on my experience from the previous evening when we wandered down to check out the lighthouse, I was pretty sure I would encounter some blood-sucking mosquitoes eager to snack on me for breakfast… and boy was I right! Despite wearing long pants and a hooded sweatshirt, my thirsty little friends were determined to get a taste, and they even managed to bite through my clothes!

As the pre-dawn light started to paint the landscape, I was very aware of the sounds around me. Despite the constant buzzing in my ears, I was able to enjoy the incoming waves breaking peacefully over the rocky headland and the off-shore buoy clanking musically in the swells of the bay. As the morning light grew, I wondered if those pretty high clouds behind the lighthouse would offer any color? Boy did they ever..!


3 thoughts on “When it all comes together I…

  1. Jeanne and Bob

    It’s simply wonderful to have these photos with which to remember that we kyaked right in front of this amazing lighthouse perched on the rocks.

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