Acadia Mountain Trail


Every time I drive out toward Southwest Harbor, the small parking lot at the trailhead for Acadia Mountain is brimming over with parked cars. It always seemed as though I was passing this spot on my way to somewhere else, so until yesterday, this is one trail that I had never actually been on.

We underestimated the Acadia Mountain Trail. We underestimated how long it would take, we underestimated how strenuous it would be, and we underestimated how beautiful it was. The work done by those responsible for maintaining this trail was spectacular… I know I have said it before after exploring a new trail, but I’ll say it again anyway… this is now one of my favorite trails!

It has it all… lush green canopy providing shade, rocky ledges to climb up and over, killer views of Somes Sound and the islands, and a really nice variety in terrain. Lori, Jack and I were pleasantly surprised by our time spent exploring this trail, and we all agreed that it won’t be long before we come back to explore it more fully.


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