What to do on a foggy day?


Day two and the sun stubbornly refuses to make an appearance, so what do you do on a foggy day like this? You comb the beach for cool rocks and shells, you make fairy houses in the woods, you explore the Wonderland Trail in the fog, and you jump in the kayaks and go for a paddle.¬†Despite the cooler temperatures and overcast skies today, Jack and his cousins Chloe and Isaiah are having a ball. The forecast is for warmer temperatures the rest of the week with morning fog burning off to reveal clearing skies… classic Maine summer weather!

This little stretch of rocky beach between Bass Harbor and the Bass Harbor Lighthouse is proving to be quite beautiful, with different conditions and changing tides unveiling lots to see and do. The soft, diffused light of the cloudy morning made the rocks come alive with color, and I had fun wandering the shoreline pointing my camera down instead of up!


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