The island life…


…on Mount Desert Island that is. When Granny and Grandpa generously offered to rent a house in Maine for two weeks this summer, the search was on for the right place. We’ve never really done a big family get together, so we had to find a house with enough space for all of the kids (Jack and his cousins Chloe and Isaiah) to play, and one that satisfied the adults’ desire for a relaxing getaway.

We looked at some properties down toward the Georgetown area, and even further south below Portland, but as the search progressed, we kept coming back to the spectacular Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park. We settled on a beautiful cottage right on the ocean just outside Bass Harbor on the quiet side of the island. We are literally about half a mile from the famous Bass Harbor Lighthouse, so if the conditions look right, I might just have to pay it another visit.

As you can see… the views from the deck of the house across Bass Harbor toward Lopaus Point are remarkable. As I sat out on the deck late into the night watching the Milky Way glow overhead in the dark sky, I couldn’t help thinking that these next two weeks are going to be quite something… thanks to Granny and Grandpa 🙂