When the light hits Acadia


I made plans for an early morning run down to Acadia this week, but when a warning light appeared on my Jetta’s dashboard signaling a burned out headlight, that put an end to that idea. I don’t do well with being out of compliance, and the thought of being stopped at 3:00 a.m. didn’t really excite me. I’m the guy who obeys the signs that say “don’t walk on the grass” or “no turn on red” – so I have an appointment in the morning to replace the headlight bulb.

As we prepare for an extended family vacation – two weeks in Acadia of course – I figured I would share this image of the rocks below Otter Cliffs. Most people have seen photographs of Otter Cliffs with the remarkable round rocks of Boulder Beach included in the foreground, but on this early May morning I wanted something different, so I wandered over to the foot of the cliffs and photographed the scene looking along the shore and out to sea. As you can see, I once again got the perfectly cloudless skies that I have become accustomed to when visiting here, but despite the lack of drama, the first light that hits the Acadia granite makes for a view that has to be seen to be appreciated.


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