Camping in Acadia


Water sites at the beautiful Mount Desert Campground in Acadia National Park are not easy to come by. When you see how gorgeous the views are, it isn’t hard to see why. For this reason, and in order to make sure we got a good site this year, we decided to make our reservation as early as we could. As you can see from the above photograph from this time last year when we had Sam with us, we were lucky to have absolutely spectacular weather, but this year… not so good 😦

The afternoon and evening weren’t so bad… cool and damp but definitely doable. On Friday we enjoyed a nice late afternoon hike on Beech Mountain before heading into Bar Harbor for the obligatory Rosalie’s Pizza and Ben and Bill’s ice cream… seriously good. The forecast had called for some steady rain and possibly thunderstorms through the night and into the morning though, so we were prepared for the worst. We did get a nice roaring camp fire going as the light faded, and when we tucked into the tent to read a little more Harry Potter by lantern, we were all quite cozy.

There is something soothing about the pitter-patter of raindrops on a tent, and it wasn’t long after nightfall that we were treated to the rhythmic song of gentle rain on the fly sheet and light wind swaying the tall pines. Thanks to Lori’s superior tent-staking skills, the new tent stood up admirably, and despite the rolling thunder and heavier rains that arrived with the dawn (along with a brisk 50 degrees), we made it through the night dry and rested, ready to tackle the remainder of the weekend.


9 thoughts on “Camping in Acadia

  1. Looks like a great place to spend some time regardless of the weather. That’s an interesting setup for the tent. I’ve never seen a platform like that, either in northern Minnesota or in the drier west. I assume they must be more common in wetter climates like yours, eh?

    • David Patterson

      PJ… I think the wooden platforms are used because there isn’t a lot of flat ground, and they actually protect the area from erosion caused by people camping like us.

  2. Dana

    I happily stumbled upon your blog and am now even more excited to be making my first venture out to Acadia. I’ll be staying at Mount Desert Campground in a couple of weeks and was wondering if you might share your recommendation for specific campsites.

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