A big Acadia sky


I couldn’t resist experimenting with the composition on these shots. It was late in the afternoon, but not late enough for any really nice light. It was also a family outing so I wasn’t going to be hanging around until after sunset, and besides, both of these locations will typically get better light in the morning. On this early June evening, the sky over Acadia was pretty spectacular with virtually no humidity and a cool ocean breeze. Just like in my last blog post, I decided to “play” with the compositions by placing the emphasis heavily on the sky. Though not likely to make the cut in my top ten photographs of 2011, these will at least remind me of more good times spent in a very special place. This second photograph below is looking across Eagle Lake toward the peaks of (from left to right) Cadillac, Pemetic, the Bubbles and Penobscot Mountain.


2 thoughts on “A big Acadia sky

  1. Very nice! We were over on the other side of the Bubbles today enjoying the walk around Jordan Pond. What a great day. You captured it beautifully. ~Lili

    • David Patterson

      When we were there Saturday it was crisp and cool… looked like today might have been even nicer. Isn’t that walk around Jordan Pond cool?

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