Old Soaker, Acadia


After a late afternoon stop for some awesome Rosalie’s pizza in Bar Harbor, we spent a quiet evening on the rocks along the Loop Road in Acadia National Park. There is a photograph I have been planning, and this evening was a chance to “scout” out the location. The image I have in mind is definitely a morning composition, where under the right conditions, first light will hit the granite shoreline and make it absolutely sing. That’s for another day though.

While there this evening, I started playing around with some less traditional compositions… when you tip the camera up or down looking through a wide angle lens, you can get some seriously different perspectives. This view is looking toward Old Soaker, the big rock in the middle of Newport Cove seen from the Loop Road and Sand Beach. There were some nice high clouds offshore that attracted my attention, and after some experimentation I settled on this composition. The only real color in the scene was blue, so I decided to give it a shot as a black and white, but here’s the blue version for comparison…


4 thoughts on “Old Soaker, Acadia

  1. Robin Eichert

    I love the clouds and the placement of the rock — and I must admit to the blue version being my favorite.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Robin. I like the blue version too, but any time you get clouds like we had I am tempted to try to do something with black and white.

    • David Patterson

      Dena… thanks. I have to agree… the sky was pretty special, and I couldn’t help but think I was in a place more tropical!

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