Being near the ocean


I like being near the ocean, especially when outside of the traditional daylight hours. I have already shared the image above, but thought it might be interesting to combine it with a short video clip I made around the same time. In the video, the sun had yet to come up, but in the photograph it had just crested the horizon, bathing some of the rocks in soft light.

This time of year the trees in the park are just starting to fill in with lush, spring leaves, so the hillsides of Acadia should be ablaze with new life soon. There is something special about experiencing places like this in person, and I can’t wait to get back down there again. Perhaps this weekend…


4 thoughts on “Being near the ocean

  1. I believe this is one of my favorite images of yours and I’m glad to see you post it again. I see rain is forecasted for most of weekend, but today sure was lovely! ~Lili

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Lili. Beautiful day today but was stuck in work. Weekend isn’t looking too promising, and with this darned kidney stone I don’t think I will be able to get out with the camera… was looking forward to it too.

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