All mine and I like it…


I have always been intrigued by what you can do with a camera, but in retrospect, I think much of my early interest was merely in the recording of a particular moment. Usually it was an event… a birthday, a family gathering, or maybe a pretty scene from a vacation, and the camera provided a mechanical – yet always magical – method of doing so. I would point the camera and press the shutter… sometimes I ended up liking what I got, and sometimes I didn’t, but there was usually little to no thought put into why I was making a particular photograph.

I realize that am a little late in life coming to appreciate this whole artistic thing and how it relates to photography, and although I am struggling to put into words what I am trying to say, I think what I have learned is that I make photographs… for me… to satisfy my desire to be creative.

I have to admit I enjoy learning about the technical operation of the camera, and I also enjoy physically being in pretty places when nature is at her best and putting on a show. I have undoubtedly been influenced by admiring the work of other photographers, but I try not to blatantly copy their work, choosing instead to be inspired to use the camera as a tool to create something that is mine… something that is personal. With that in mind, here’s one that doesn’t necessarily fit the traditional mold… but it is all mine and I like it, and isn’t that what matters 🙂

4 thoughts on “All mine and I like it…

    • David Patterson


      Thanks for the kind words. I am obviously drawn to this kind of image and very much enjoy the process of making them.

  1. I am naturally drawn to geometric images and/or ones with motion. This has such an interesting feel to it. I see trees in motion — very cool! I really like it, but as you said, it’s most important that you do! Thanks for writing a bit about how your work has evolved.

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