Reid State Park, Maine


Much of the downeast coastline of Maine is rocky – spectacular, but rocky – whereas the further south you travel, the more likely you are to come across sandy beaches. Reid State Park on the island of Georgetown is home to not one, but two of those rare Maine sandy beaches – aptly named Mile and Half Mile – and on a recent visit to see Sam at college we had a chance to spend some time exploring there.

Griffith Head, a rocky headland that protects and overlooks Mile Beach offers great views of the lighthouses on Seguin Island and the Cuckolds. You can also see the islands of Damariscove, once a thriving fishing community in colonial times, Outer Head, which is protected as a tern sanctuary, and the picturesque Southport Island. I was entranced by the beautiful cloud formations streaking overhead as we meandered along the beach and couldn’t resist trying to come up with a composition that highlighted them. Photographing in the mid-day sun can sometimes make for unflattering light, but on this particular day nothing could take away from the splendor of the scenery.

Emerging from a long winter, the 55 degree temperatures felt quite summer-like as we wandered along the pristine Mile Beach, and Jack had his socks and shoes off the moment his feet touched the sand. He had a ball discovering what the ocean washed up along the shore, and came away with a handful of tiny, but beautiful shells and rocks.

We walked the length of Mile Beach toward a small rocky headland, and since access by road to the more distant Half Mile Beach was closed due to construction, it was totally deserted when we arrived there. I can remember visiting this beach many years ago when Sam was probably about Jack’s age, but despite those memories, it felt like we were here for the first time again.

2 thoughts on “Reid State Park, Maine

  1. Great shots! The second one is amazing, I love the golden color of the sand, and those clouds are breathtaking. The sea’s always playing “catch the photographer”, isn’t it?

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. Even though it was the middle of the day, I couldn’t help but make some photographs. You always have to watch out for the ocean reminding you who is boss 🙂

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