Lough Brin, Killarney National Park


We have been home from Ireland for about three weeks now, and I am finally getting a chance to go through the photographs I made while there. When on the road traveling it is easy to skim over and ignore what might actually be decent photographs, so now that I have the time to take a serious look, I will probably be sharing some more of them here.

The photograph above was from the day Sam and I did a little exploring as we searched for the Gap of Dunloe in Killarney National Park. We traveled along a road that wasn’t even wide enough for one car, all the while keeping our fingers crossed that we wouldn’t meet anyone coming the other way. When I look at a map to see where our adventure actually took us, I notice that once off the “main” road we visited places like North Geara, Derrylicka, Cooracoosane, Inchinglanna, Bealdarrig, and Graignagreana… all great names with VERY few people around!

In this view of Lough Brin in the distance and Knocklomena to the left, the clouds were moving fast and I was drawn not only to the magnificent landscape, but also to the dappled light that was intermittently bathing the scene. To be honest, this was the Ireland that I had hoped to see on our trip, so the unscheduled detour and time spent exploring ended up being very worthwhile indeed.


6 thoughts on “Lough Brin, Killarney National Park

  1. Kieran Hamilton

    Great photo, really good composition, love it! I want to go there now, I’ve never been to Ireland, it looks like it has some beautiful places to see.

    • David Patterson

      Kieran… thanks. There is so much packed into such a small island in Ireland. I’m sure you would enjoy wandering with your camera there!

  2. When I first saw your photograph, I never guessed it was from Ireland! Initially the colors reminded me of parts of the American Southwest or the Sierra foothills in California during winter. Beautiful!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. We were there during March, and spring hadn’t quite kicked in yet with the famous greens of Ireland. I imagine that everything has greened up by now, and that it has a totally different look.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. Couldn’t help but stop and make a photograph. Loved the light and the way the valley “pointed” toward the lough and mountain.

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