Portland Head Light in BW


This was from a mid-winter visit to the Portland Head Light, and after some thinking, I decided that this photograph might make a good candidate for conversion to black and white. Although created in mid-morning light, a clearing storm offshore made for some interesting clouds, and when combined with the rugged foreground detail, I figured this was worth a shot.

While I am a sucker for the impact of early morning light and the colors it sometimes brings, removing color from a scene can help focus on shapes and distinctive elements, simplifying and removing distractions. The creative possibilities and challenges when working with the contrast and tones in a black and white photograph are intriguing to me, and this is a world that I am eager to explore more of.

6 thoughts on “Portland Head Light in BW

    • David Patterson

      Holly… thanks for the kind words. I am just getting started in exploring black and white, but I like how this one turned out. I appreciate the feedback.

  1. I was going to just take in the rest of your posts at leisure without leaving so many comments, but this one just caught me off guard and I had to just leave a big “WOW!” As many times as I’ve seen pictures of this iconic Maine landmark, this one really stands out to me in the b&w. Nice call! ~Lili

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