On our last night in Ireland we learned that the city of Galway is a vibrant and rocking place… even on a Wednesday evening in March! I was determined to end the trip on a high, so when we checked into our hotel on Eyre Square the first thing I asked at the front desk was where the best fish and chips were to be found.¬†We were directed to McDonagh’s on Quay Street, and boy was it good! This might sound a little weird, but an order of their famous cod and chips with a side of curry sauce… very tasty indeed!

Thanks to those of you who are following the blog and especially our recent journey through parts of Ireland. Your support and encouragement is always appreciated and – though happy to be home – I wish we could have stayed longer! In addition to seeing parts of the country for the first time, Sam had a chance to get to know his family from that side of the pond, and I had a chance to re-connect with some old friends… always a good thing. After wandering through the city center streets in what felt like summer temperatures, we rounded out our last evening in Ireland the only way we could… with one more smooth and dark pint of Guinness each. So… the photograph below is a toast to you all. Cheers!