Sam’s photographs of Ireland


Before we wrap up our visit to Ireland, I wanted to share a sampling of the photographs made by Sam on this trip. It was fun watching him adapt to using a DSLR (and tripod when necessary), and as I am sure you will agree, he did very well!


10 thoughts on “Sam’s photographs of Ireland

  1. Becca

    These are beautiful photos, the colors are extraordinary! Never been to Ireland myself (I want to), and these make me want to go that much more. He’s very talented behind a camera!

    • David Patterson

      Becca… thanks. Ireland is a beautiful place, and I think Sam was pleased with how he was able to photograph it. I appreciate you stopping by.

  2. Lori Patterson

    Sam, the photos you took truly capture the look and feel of Ireland. Hope you won’t mind that we hang a few around the house?

    • David Patterson

      There were probably 4 buildings total in this little place… and by “storefront” I assume you mean bar? šŸ™‚

  3. Oh my goodness! Every one of these images is mesmerizing. I love that gorgeous golden glow Sam captured in the one with the sheep, it literally made me gasp when I saw it. Just breathtaking. ~Lili

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