If it’s good enough for Bobby Flay


… then it’s good enough for me!

Just last week I watched TV star chef Bobby Flay explore the culinary world of Ireland, and on one of his stops he sampled the fare at Leo Burdock’s Fish and Chips in Dublin. As Sam and I wandered the streets of Dublin on St. Paddy’s night, we stumbled on this iconic location, and even though I had already eaten earlier in the evening, I couldn’t resist the temptation to order from the menu. What did I order, and was it as good as Bobby said it was? Cod and Chips sprinkled with salt and vinegar wrapped in paper… oh my!

4 thoughts on “If it’s good enough for Bobby Flay

  1. Kevin

    Just went there tonight. Stuff makes me feel really unhealthy. Nothing spectacular… And needed more vinegar than they gave. I also didn’t realize it was take out only.

    • David Patterson

      Kevin… lot of starch in there for sure, and maybe it being St. Patrick’s night had something to do with my liking it so much 🙂

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