This is the last one from the archives before we land in Ireland! Sam and I are at about 35,000 feet somewhere over the Atlantic as this post is being published, and needless to say we are VERY excited to be spending St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. I will be updating the blog with stories and photographs from our trip as we go, depending of course on Internet access. Though we only have a week here, we are trying to pack as much as possible into this trip, so stay tuned…

This is a view of Portbradden, a tiny but picturesque fishing village (consisting of maybe two buildings), at one end of White Park Bay on the Antrim coast of Northern Ireland. White Park Bay is one of the most spectacular beaches I have ever seen, and it is an example of the quintessential windswept Irish bay. Meaning “port of the salmon”, this remote part of the cove is home to a small salmon fishery, and it really is quite pretty. We had walked along the spectacular cliff path from nearby Dunseverick to get here, and I can recall several hairy moments as we navigated a trail that in places hugged the steep cliffs quite closely. When I say hairy… I mean just for me… the one with acrophobia!


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